Ad libitum
Inventing again and again...

A spirit of openness

Adhok’s creative process always includes a phase of immersion in the subjects dealt with and of shared exploration. This is done with the artists who will share our adventure. Once the shows have been created, each of the projects can then continue to be explored in its ramifications and allow for new developments. It is possible to imagine, in collaboration with the promoters, these extended projects, including other professional or non-professional contributors, with the possibility of mixing teams, while being attentive to each one’s particular background.

We have had the pleasure of presenting our shows
in France, Spain, Germany, England, Belgium, Austria, Korea…
Whatever the country and the great diversity of the audience,
the questions of each generation
resonated with the subjects we were tackling.

We wanted to go further,
to explore our subjects by integrating other artists or inhabitants.
We wanted the points of view to cross,
that different generations exchange,
that different cultures meet.

French-Korean mix version

Thus, in Seoul, nine young Korean actors joined nine young French actors to reinvent the show The Flight and discover what differentiated them and what brought them together.

In Graz, Austria, at the 2018 La Strada festival, nine other young people joined the team…

In Marseille, as part of a “Travelling” event organised by Lieux Publics in 2016, nine other young people shared their experiences with us…

French-Korean mix version

Also in Korea, we had the pleasure of bringing together the actors of the show Emergency Exit and a team of remarkable Korean actors, as well as participants from Seoul and the buffer zone between North and South Korea.

In France, on several occasions, workshops have been held with local people to create new versions of our shows.

In the Ile de France region, where we are based, several cities partnered with us to create the Pas-Sage project. This performance, mixing professional artists and the local community, allowed us to orchestrate a journey through the city, but also through generations.

Paju Festival – Korea 2020

To this day, the seeds sown continue to bear fruit. Our young Korean actors continue to perform in an all-Korean version of The Flight.

And so we remain committed
to all those who have the desire
to create artistic experiences
that bring meaning and pleasure to all.
Let’s continue to…
Invent again and again.