A theatrical and choreographic performance for the public space.
The Flight
Moving forward!

They are nine folks, fresh out of the nest,
but ready for any adventure.
Full of energy they will have to
Search for their place,
confront new obstacles,
to distinguish between what they dreamed of
and what reality offers them.
To adapt to this world that is shaking us all up.
And then to keep the vital impetus in their hearts,
against all odds,
to look ahead to tomorrow, ten years from now…
What does it mean to be young today?

The action takes place in an urban environment, using a wide street, crossroads or public squares. The route of approximately 300 metres is built around 4 fixed scenes. The vanishing lines are used for the arrival and departure of the actors.

L’Envol depicts the first steps of young adults in a world whose extent and complexity they discover. Created in 2016, this show, together with The Nest, forms a diptych entitled Immortals. The two parts of this diptych are independent and complementary.

Immortals – The Flight is a continuation of a reflection on humans and their living conditions. The central question addressed in our previous show Beautiful Escape – Emergency Exit was: “What is ageing? “. Echoing this question, we explored this other question:

What does it mean to be young today?

So here are our “fledglings” having taken flight, they venture into life but also very concretely into the city. They are confronted with new obstacles: the world of work, the harshness of the times, the need to situate themselves in relation to others, friends or lovers, to situate themselves in the vast world of which they are discovering the extent, to situate themselves in relation to the share of what they dream and what reality offers them.

Which way to go?
How do young people live in the present?
How do they project themselves into the future?
What are their major concerns?
What are their hopes?
What are their ideals?
What are their fears?
What are their disillusions?
How do they perceive and cope with the world around them?
Have the new modes of communication changed the ways of being in the world?
How do they love?
How do they perceive their parents?
Is being young today more difficult or easier than being young in previous generations?

These are all questions that have fuelled our research and now run through the narrative. The age range explored in this show is between 18 and 30. This is a period when questions arise about choosing a future in a complex world with uncertain prospects. Whatever the period, this passage from childhood to adulthood is a delicate period of metamorphosis.

The Flight

Itinerant show
Performance designed for the public space
Duration: 40 minutes
2 performances per day
or 1 performance if The Nest is presented on the same day
All audiences
14 people on tour


Jonathan Aubard
Nathan Chouchana
Inès Grunenwald / Marine Garcia
Mattia Maggi
Yoanna Marilleaud
Eliot Maurel
Ugo Strebel / Jacob Auzanneau
Laurène Thomas
Tom Verschueren

Directors: Doriane Moretus and Patrick Dordoigne

Stage Manager: Achil Bras
Lighting design: Julien Barbazin
Set design: Yanosh Hrdy – Achil Bras – Magali Castellan
Costumes: Fabienne Desfleches and Mélanie Clenet
Assistant : Guillaume Servely
Sound and Light Manager: Antoine Moriau
Administration: Les Thérèses
Tour & Promotion management FRANCE : Hélène Bourdon
International Tour management : Paco Bialek

We’ve been there

Festival In Vivacité – Sotteville-Lès Rouen, festival In Eclat – Aurillac, Paris L’été, Onze Bouge, festival les Turbulentes – Vieux-Condé, La Bus – Théâtre de Pantin, Théâtre Jean Arp – Clamart, festival Cergy Soit, Festival Parades – Nanterre, Mimos – Périgueux, festival Frictions – Théâtre Annemasse, La ZAT Montpellier, Hi Séoul Festival – Corée, La Stradda – Graz (Autriche)…

Residencies, creation grants and supports for Immortals

CNAREPS – Centres nationaux des arts de la rue et l’espace public : Le Parapluie à Aurillac, l’Atelier 231 à Sotteville les Rouen, Pronomades à Encausses les thermes, Atelier Frappaz à Villeurbanne, Le Boulon à Vieux Condé, Le Moulin Fondu à Garges les Gonesse, Le Fourneau à Brest, La Paperie et la ville de Saint Hilaire de Riez, la ville de Grandville.

DGCA/SACD “Ecrire pour le rue” writing grant
DGCA/ESAD PSPBB creation grant
With the participation of the studio d’Asnières-ESCA
Support for recording by ADAMI
La Villa mais d’ici – With the participation of the Cie Décor Sonore

The ADHOK Company has received DRAC Ile de France funding since 2020
On Tour with the In Situ Network 2016-2019
Catalan Critics’ Prize 2019 with honours for Immortals – The Nest, The Flight and Emergency Exit – Fira Tarrega
Show featured in the Cultural Summer 2021 of the Groupe des 20 Théâtres en Île-de-France

The Diptych The Nest & The Flight is the first part of our Trilogy

A journey through the seasons of a life, to be offered to audiences throughout a festival or a theatrical season.



Itinerant show



Night-time fixed show



Itinerant show



Itinerant show